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AEMP Parent Representative and Parent Representative

Bryan Davis and Araceli Rivera will be serving our parent community at Woodcrest. If you would like to make workshop request or find out more about parent involvement please visit our Parent Room 7.

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How you get your children started in their new school year will set the tone for their success.  Better prepared children have a better chance of doing well.  The following are suggestions by the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to best prepare children for a successful academic year:

Calm their fears:

Let them know it’s normal to feel nervous about the first day of school.  Encourage them to talk about their feelings.

Focus on the positives:

Don’t build up unrealistic expectations about how great the school year will be.  Be upbeat, however, try reminding them that they’ll see old friends and meet new ones and that teachers are there to help them.

Visit the school before it opens:

This helps especially young children to become familiar or reacquainted with the school.  If possible, try to meet with your children’s teachers.

Get a neighborhood child to serve as a buddy:

If your neighborhood has children who attend the same school as your child, arrange for them to travel together.  On the first few days of school, it might be a good idea to walk with your children to the bus stop or to school.

Review safety rules:

Go over safety measures regarding the traffic and strangers.

Click here  to read what else California State PTA recommends for parents...


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Hello, every year we encourage our Woodcrest parents to become school volunteer's. This is a great opportunity to get involved in other areas of your child's educational journey.

The Los Angeles Unifed School District understands the important role you play, as a school volunteer you enable teachers to provide students with individualized instruction and enrichment activities by offering them volunteers to assist in classrooms, thereby allowing teachers to give special attention to students needing more help.

School volunteers strengthen school community relations by providing a menu of opportunities for interested parents and community members to participate effectively in school programs.

School volunteers are vital at Woodcrest Elementary, we hope to see you on our campus!

For information about becoming a parent volunteer please contact our Parent Representatives, Bryan Davis or Araceli Rivas at

(323) 756-1371 or by visiting the Parent Center in Room 7.

Thank You.